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Friday, October 14, 2011

i've told you mine, now you tell me yours...

hello bloggy friends!! thank you all for following our family as we work to bring our ruby home. it's amazing to me that actual support can be offered via the blog world, a gift i had not anticipated. now, as you have been patient and listened to our story unfold, it's my turn to hear your adoption stories:-) please take a look at this and consider sharing your story with the Mommy's Heart Went POP! team. The adoptive community is vast, and while there are many opportunities for adoptive families to come together to learn and ask questions, we are working to simply provide a platform where stories can be told....each one different from the next, every one precious. We would also love to share your blog address, if you have one, and enter you into a drawing for one of the first copies of "Mommy's Heart Went POP". Come, take a look, share your story, and pass this opportunity along to your friends!!


  1. Christine...every time I take a minute to read your updates....My heart breaks for you again. I remember having to leave Sophia in the Hospital and come home without her... I can't imagine you getting to meet and hold your little Ruby and then having to leave her..not to drive just 20 min. away like I did...but to have to fly back home leaving her in others hands... I am praying for you today..that Ruby joins your family SOON so that her little heart can begin to be loved and cared for by your loving Family! Keep blogging...We will keep praying till she is in your arms again!! Joni

  2. Dear Aunt Christina,
    I love the book you wrote Mommy's Heart Went Pop. How did you manage to write it? What gave you the idea of writing it?