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Saturday, September 24, 2011 adoption story...

i have spent the last week trying to figure out an eloquent way to introduce this book on my blog. i would love to take you back in time to explain every little thing that lead up to the writing of this story about a mama, waiting and waiting to bring her little one home. the thing is, it would take forever to tell you the story of this story so i'm going to leave it at this...after myles and before ruby was this story. the story of a dear friend waiting to bring home her little boy from rwanda that eventually became the story of our family waiting to bring our little girl home from ethiopia...and somewhere along the way we realized that it is the story of any family who has ever anticipated, longed for, dreamt of, worked towards, or loved a heart-born child.

to pre-order your copy or to become a backer of Mommy's Heart Went POP! click HERE where you can find more information, view the teaser video, and learn more about the Ruby Myles fund. our hope is that this story will help adopted children realize the love that their adopted parents feel for them and that the proceeds from the purchase of this book will help to bring more children home to their forever families!

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