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Sunday, June 19, 2011

photo magic

since our referral we discovered that we're in need of a family photo for some last minute adoption things. we had been planning on setting up a tripod in our backyard and just hoping for something that would get all five of us in the frame (a good family picture has never really happened, the one that heads our blog is the best that's ever happened, but note that we're in our pjs), but at the last minute decided to call upon our wonderful nephew-in-law, andy who happens to have some skills with the camera. he agreed to take a crack at us, so we went over to andy and emily's cutie new house to have ourselves a family picture. he took what seemed like 300 shots of us in about 5 minutes (he has one of those nifty cameras that shoots a bazillion frames per second) and an amazing thing happened...we actually got a photo of all five of us looking at the camera, smiling and looking like fairly well-adjusted members of society!! anyhow, here is our family photo that is just waiting for a little brown girl, named ruby, see that place for her...the empty spot in her daddy's arms...?

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  1. What a lovely picture of you all! I was walking on the beach with my mom last night and mentioned that you'd gotten your referral but didn't have a flight date yet... that it might not be till October. I swear her heart just stopped. She said, "oh, that waiting, once you see your child and KNOW that he/she is over there... there's nothing harder than waiting." I know you've heard this from so many mothers who've gone before you, but I just wanted you to know that there is yet one more who knows how you feel and is praying. :)