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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


at some point i'm going to sit down and write a cute little post about our crazy day yesterday, but right now all i can think about is the way that it ended...with our referral!!! our dossier has been in Ethiopia for only two weeks, so imagine my shock when our case worker called me in the middle of the afternoon yesterday to tell me that they have a referral for us if we would like it (like it????)!!! she told me that the referral was for a little girl, slightly older than we had requested and she just wanted us to take the day to think about it and pray about it before we saw the photo and learned the details. so we did just that. we thought about it and prayed about it and both decided that we wanted to move forward. late last night we were curled up on our couch when her picture and information was sent over and we knew right away...this is ruby.

how i wish that i had the freedom to post her picture for all to see...she is more beautiful than i could have possibly imagined or hoped. she is about to turn 2 in the middle of august and so we will be bringing home a toddler, rather than a baby. major prayers have been answered when we saw that she has only been in the orphanage for about a month...we had so hoped that she would have begun her life in the care of a mother who loves her before she was placed in the institution that would be her holding place until we could bring her home.

we are praying for a miracle that would allow us to travel in july, before the courts close. we've been told that this is very unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility, and so we will continue to ask our God to bring home our little one quicker than anybody would ever expect. so many prayers answered already, so amazing to see HIM making Himself known here.

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18


  1. Christina, I am overjoyed for you!!! I want to hear every detail VERY soon!!! And to think that Ruby and Avivah are so close in age. Can't wait for the play dates! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. We will be praying for a July trip - it has been amazing to watch how God has orchestrated every detail in your adoption process. What an incredible joy!

  3. Wow! So excited for you. We'll be praying that you get to bring her home SOON!

  4. Oh Christina this has been such amazing news and I am over the moon for all of you!!! I am praying for everything needed to get her home in July. XO

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for u:) Carrie G

  6. I am so happy to hear you met Rudy. Our little Noel was about 2 months past 2 when we brought her home. There are still a lot of firsts to experience with a toddler. Blessings and Congrats, Kay