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Sunday, April 3, 2011

cutie cake pops!!!!

i haven't mentioned on here before that as chad and i pursue our adoption, my sister and her family are also pursuing an adoption of their own. i have not written about this, mostly because their journey is their story and i want them to have a chance to tell it however they wish. i will say this though, their process differs from ours in many ways, one of the most notable differences being that they already know who their little one is. they have a pile photos picturing the little girl to whom they are hoping to give the name jennifer. she is the cutest little brown-eyed darling and we are eagerly awaiting her homecoming and looking forward to the day that looking out our back window will reveal the image of three little girls-- jenny, ruby & aubrie--all different in appearance, with different stories, brought together and bound by the love of a family.

with easter approching we thought that it would be a good time to join forces and launch a little fundraiser to help with the cost of both of our adoptions. we have spent the last week having fun playing with cake and chocolate, sprinkles and candy, messing up my sister's kitchen trying to see what we could come up with! the result is a little something we call 'cutie cake pops', and we're so excited to be offering them for the easter holiday! if you are interested in purchasing some for your family click HERE. each and every pop will bring both ruby and jenny $1 closer to coming home.

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