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Saturday, March 12, 2011

hello, bump in the road...

rumors are swirling and petitions are circulating and the state of ethiopian adoptions is uncertain. this is all true. a statement was released earlier this week stating that as of march 10th, the ethiopian ministry of women's affairs (MOWA) would be cutting the number of adoptions processed each day from 50 down to no more than 5...that's a decrease of up to 90%. naturally, as waiting adoptive parents, we have been unsettled by this news. however, there are two issues here that need to be addressed, one not important than the other: 1. ethical adoptions are a MUST. 2. children who have truly been orphaned and who have adoptive parents waiting, NEED to be sent home so that they can be loved and nurtured. we are choosing to believe that the ethiopian government truly wants the best for it's children and is working to find a good balance for these two issues. for now, chad and i are just sitting tight. i've said it before and i'll say it agian, we serve a God who is seriously in control of our adoption process. HE has made it clear to us over and over agian that he is in this, and we do not believe that he has opened so many doors just to have them slam shut. we have discussed the possibility of switching our paperwork to another country, but for now we're just keeping our knickers on and watching the dust settle, hoping that this is no more than a little bump in the road. please pray with us for ruby, wherever she is, and for the many, many other families who are uncertain about this outcome and are waiting to bring little ones home. 


  1. i so appreciate your perspective on waiting for Ruby and 'keeping you knickers on' (that brought a smile!). I am sure the events of the past week have helped...and i am so sorry for the grief you and your close friends have had to endure. Praying!!!

  2. this was an encouraging post for me - thanks.

    we know God loves these children more than we ever could....trusting in Him! praying for your family - ruby included!!

  3. We are praying for Ruby and for you...for patience and wisdom in this time of waiting.