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Friday, July 29, 2011

an update...

on our girl, ruby...
we left for ethiopia a week ago (july 21st), eager to meet our new little girl. we arrived late friday night and slept fitfully knowing that our ruby was just steps away from us. on saturday morning we got up early, got dressed, and went down to the main room of the guest house for breakfast. we were just helping ourselves to some eggs when we heard somebody coming in and we turned around to see our agency director standing in the doorway with none other than our ruby!! we had not been expecting her yet and so we were completely surprised!! i jumped up and grabbed her from him, we were laughing and just so happy to finally have her in our arms!! we were unprepared for the moment, had left our camera and video recorder upstairs, but we did think to grab my phone to take a picture of our first meeting...

on court...
on wednesday, july 27th, we appeared in ethiopian court to give our consent to the adoption. the judge went through a list of questions and when we had finished answering them, she looked at us and said, "ok then, she is yours" (!!!). our MOWA letter was in and the courts ruling was final...ruby is officially and legally our daughter...oh happy, happy day!!!

on when we get to bring her home...

on wednesday night we dressed ruby in a pair of fuzzy pink pj's that we had brought from home, gave her her bottle and tucked her into her bed in her room at the transition home. we kissed her goodnight wishing that we could bring her home with us, but knowing that we would be back in a few weeks to bring her home with us forever. though she finally belongs to us, we must wait till all of her paperwork is translated and submitted to the american embassy. we hope to recieve a call in the next few weeks that the embassy is ready for us, and we will hop on a plane, back to ethiopia, and will finally bring her home. 


  1. Oh my...I cannot believe how monumentally GORGEOUS she is. Christina!!! Bring that baby home so I can love on her!!! :)

  2. That first picture of you three is absolutely the best. Tina, I've NEVER seen you look so joyous and radiant- you face is priceless!!! I can't wait to meet Ruby!

  3. This is so incredible! I just LOVE watching all of the answers to prayer. I mean, the MOWA letter? Come on, now He is just showing off! I CANNOT WAIT to meet her and love on her and play with her and tickle her like all of the other Kyllonen babies. She is so precious, such a gift, and I cannot imagine what you are feeling right now. Still praying! LOVE YOU!

  4. More happy for you than words can express. Thank you, Lord!

  5. So so happy for you, she is absolutely gorgeous. One day I am hoping that I will be on this journey and I am so glad that I look up to you! Can't wait to meet Ruby!

  6. Rejoicing with you!! God is so good!!! :-)

  7. I found your blog! Which is a good thing, because i can't find the piece of paper with your email address on it :) So happy to see you passed court on the day... when do you head back to pick her up? We just got our MOWA letter today, right before court closes - hooray!! Email me directly, would love to keep in touch :)